Walking can be fun

People always say that going on a walk is boring, but I love doing it. There’s nothing better than being out in the open air and getting to see the countryside. OK, so there are definitely more exciting things to do, but for a relaxing experience the British countryside is fantastic.

The problem is, farmers seem to be able to get away with closing off certain pathways even though they are meant to be open to the public. This is meant to be illegal isn’t it? If something is a public footpath, surely it should be left open to the public at all times.

Even so, the vast majority of farmers are tolerant of people walking on their land which is good. As long as people abide by the “walking code” – basically making sure you shut gates if they weren’t open when you arrived and not leaving litter – then there shouldn’t be any problems really. It’s a shame that some people don’t follow these rules – but I genuinely think it is a mistake in most cases rather than doing it on purpose.

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